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Future Formations: Who Are We?


Who Are We?

Your Future Is Only One Step Further Than You Can Envisage.

Before we tell you about our story, let us see what you know about the below points!

·         What is the “Colour” of the Future?          Would you have guessed it is PURPLE?

·         Have you seen future within our social media??

“Futuristic,” our AI, can be found amongst our YouTube Channel, Guides, help sections, and knowledge hub, as he flies around the website giving you all the information you need.

Have you taken any notice of his wings? His wings are a section of our Logo; The two Fs are for Future Formations. Don't worry; we are not entirely bonkers; we know he’s not real!

But in time, he will answer your questions and become the most intelligent employee of Future Formations Ltd. We will make sure that your business is set up in the fastest time, your onboarding journey is effortless, and just like these silly little facts, you go away smiling.

Anyway, now we have your attention, and your mood is lightened, let me tell you about our story. We hope you enjoy reading it and we look forward to you coming on board to begin your FUTURE.

Why We Formed Future Formation

Do you know how many companies are formed each day? No? Who cares?! We can assure you we don't. The only company we are interested in is yours, and you will always have our undivided attention. We are so confident that choosing us is the best move for your business, that we will give you your money back within the first 90 days if you are unhappy, which won't happen!

Our journey started with a strong vision for your companies' future, and it began during a troubled time that we will not bore you with, as I'm sure you already know!. Rest assured, we were not blind to the negative impacts that several organizations faced during a global crisis; we were there too!  Every problem needs a solution, and therefore, we developed Future Formations LTD

What Is “Future Formations”?

Future Formations is an incredibly straightforward and robust business model. Basically, we help people start their businesses, get back on track with ease, and create systems for success! We fully welcome everyone from start-ups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, men, women, solo or together….everything is possible!

We firmly believed that a formation company made complete sense, given we are in the middle of a global shift and businesses, both new and old, have to shift with it. More importantly, we needed to make it unique to make it worthwhile for you! These unique elements include:

·         The need for total transparency

·         Being unique in its service delivery

·         Being a visionary for clients.

·         International clients being our speciality.

We have an awe-inspiring portfolio of forming new businesses, so we know that we can give you and your business our undivided attention too! Dedication should be our middle names (we will look into that!) Our co-founder, Pedro, is an IT expert and has always had a keen interest in the Virtual Office and Company Formation industry.

What Pedro does not know about IT isn't worth knowing! This has allowed us to focus on AI. Pedro and his expertise will build the system from scratch to help you form and sustain your company with speed, efficiency, and without error.

We have such a great business relationship as directors, sharing the same goals and perspectives, namely that of the customer focus and their successful journey from start to finish. There needs to be balanced, right? So, one of us has got our head in the clouds, and one of us is firmly rooted to the ground! Can you tell who is who? Regardless of us, it is all about you!

Our Journey

We officially launched the company in February 2021. Of course, the road towards forming such a company that would benefit thousands of organizations was not without its challenges! We had many obstacles that landed before us, but nothing that could interrupt the path of the vision the directors had for too long! The directors' commitment kept their heads up and drove them towards working harder (which is the first rule of business!)

How Did We Come into Formation?

With this idea to revolutionize the way of forming companies, we came to life after many meetings, many late nights and early mornings, and a few tears! But we did it; we got here! Our primary focus is to understand what you need thoroughly and to respond with our expert suggestions and services that suit you, no one else!

 From the very beginning, we have made it our mission to go the extra mile and break boundaries to innovate the world of company formations. We are proud to help any business variation; the formation process is straightforward and efficient for you while fulfilling all of your unique requirements professionally.

All of you eager entrepreneurs and business owners reading this, if you need forward-thinking assistance to start your business, we're here to help! Our focus and expertise have helped us genuinely believe that our goals were achievable (second rule of business!), and we can provide expert-level knowledge to get your business moving with little effort.

By understanding the intricacies of company formations and how AI could assist, we soon realized that Future Formations Ltd would become the most efficient and reliable formation and address service provider in the UK.

How Did We Aim to Help People Start Businesses?

The idea is to provide you with Artificial Intelligence that will assist you in processing various applications/forms to make their formation effortless. Forming a company is never easy and requires A LOT of paperwork, so we help people with straightforward AI processing.

Where Are We Located?

 Our customer-focused operation is based in Canary Wharf, London, the United Kingdom's most well-known financial district. Canary Wharf is a hub of pure business acumen and so much growth potential. We position our business in line with the distinct and successful reputation the area of the Capital has. Our prominent position is just a short walk from Canary Wharf station, which offers excellent travel connections to all parts of London.

Our Goal

Your Future is in good hands, that is our slogan, and we stand by every word. We believe in the future of our customers' businesses and their positioning in the world! If we didn't care, there would be no point! We know that efficiency is critical when it comes to scaling your business, which is why we scan all of your mail, regardless of where it came from, completely free of charge (If you choose it!) If you have any unscannable mail, parcels, packages, or you want to have your mail forwarded to you, then we will do this at the cost of our postage charges which you can find here; Postage costs

Over the coming months, we will unveil our Artificial Intelligence called 'Futuristic.' This is the bit we're super excited about and want to share with the world! "Futuristic" is a part of our overall goal for a more efficient and progressive future-proofed business for you. It can simplify the process of forming your corporation – in a variety of languages for diversity and global attainability-thanks to our cutting-edge technology and clever behind-the-scenes antics!


We are the company you need for your business incorporations and your virtual address services! Our entirely virtual office is unique and allows you to choose which packages you require, rather than opting for a generic package containing services you do not need; there is no logical or financial sense in paying for something you don't need!

Together we can change the future of businesses, and it is changing exponentially! We commit to you that we will always provide the highest standard of customer service, and you will receive nothing but the best expert advice and recommendations. Visit today to see which options suit you and your business needs moving forward.

Your future is important to us, and your business is in expert hands!

Hold on one minute…. Did I say summary? I got so excited about Futuristic that I forgot to tell you about the other side of the business! I need to grab a coffee, I think, or maybe something stronger. So what does each formation Company need? No, do not worry, it is not more silly questions; if you are not smiling now, my humour will not make you smile at all, well maybe just a little smile? You got it! They need their address services!

Future Formations are fully licensed as a mail forwarding provider. Using our prestigious Canary Wharf location, you can have your Registered Office, Service, and business/ trading address there! Now let me ask you something on a serious note? Do you have staff working from home? Are you saving money, and is your staff being more effective?

They do not have to commute each day, giving them their time back, which can only be a good thing for your business, right? But wait! You are not still paying for that office that all the staff used to sit in, are you? That one where they use your time to gossip about their weekend adventures; you know what I am going to say, don't you? You're paying for an empty office that no one sits in!!

As my late mother used to say to me, "Son, What are you thinking of?!" Do not be dumb. Be blinking sensible! So as my mum used to say to me, I am sure you can speak to yourself, what is that office costing? Wait, no! You probably do not want to be looking at how much that costs you each month!

Instead, let me tell you this...our official address, the one that will take care of all your post and deliveries, and anything that arrives for your business (you can even use the address for your trading correspondence!) will always be here; for you!

And this is the deal-maker statement.... The Business Address will cost you (and I hope you are sitting down) just under £100 a year! I can hear you now saying, "Shut Up!" Well, it is true! So it is time to make that sensible decision, ditch the office, and take on ours.

So let your Future Start today, and like Covid-19, leave your office in the past. If you have got this far, I would like to thank you, and if you come into the office at any time, a drink is on me. Our Future is your Future, and Your Future is in Great Hands.

Hope to see you onboard soon Futuristic and the FF Team x