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How to Add or Remove a Company Shareholder?


How to Add New Shareholder?

Private limited companies can add new shareholders at any time after they've been formed. Existing shares must be sold or transferred by an existing shareholder to the new shareholder in order for this to happen. A share transfer form must be filled out with the following information in order to transfer ownership of an allocated share:

·         The official name of the business..

·         Number of shares being transferred

·         Value and class of shares being transferred

·         New shareholder's name and contact information.

·         Stamp Duty liability, if any money is paid for the shares.

·         New shareholder's name and contact information.

·         If appropriate, an alternative type of non-cash remuneration or consideration money.

·         Authorized person's signature

What to Do when Issuing New Shares?

If a business wants to generate more shares rather than transfer existing ones, it must ‘assign' new shares to increase its share capital. This usually occurs when a business needs to obtain additional capital without having to sell any of its current stock. In contrast, issuing additional shares will decrease the existing shareholder's share of ownership and control.

Form SH01 must be utilized to assign extra shares. The following information will be required:

·         Name of the Organization

·         Registration Number of the Business

·         The date(s) on which the allocation was made (s).

·         Currency, class, and number of shares allocated

·         Individual share's nominal value

·         Statement of capital reflecting the new allotment.

·         If applicable, details of any non-cash payments.

·         Amount due to be paid or paid per share.

·         Information on the allotted shares in a currency other than the pound sterling.

Departure/Removal of Shareholder

If a shareholder wishes to quit a business, his or her shares should be sold or transferred to another person. The company's director will be in responsible of transferring and updating shareholder information at Companies House and in the company's constitutional register of members.