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Identity Verification Services


How to Activate Service?

To utilize and activate our service we will send you instructions on how to complete an online verification; kindly check your trash folder in case the e-mail is there.

How does the Online ID Validation software work?

It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete this process. Once we've collected the names of all the recipients, we'll be able to make a decision. We'll send out invitations, connect to the internet portal, and upload the papers that need to be validated.

Please make sure that only papers that we accept are sent, since failure to do so will cause the procedure to be delayed. Also, be informed that your account will not be enabled until we have received and confirmed the identities of all participants. As a result, you won't be able to access our service until we confirm that your account has been activated.

What Documents are Required?

From the list of proof of ID and evidence of home address documents, you must submit one of each.

·       Valid Passport

·       Photocard Driving License

·       National Identity card

·       HM Forces identity card

·       Current student card

·       Employee identification card

·       Disables driver’s blue card

Proof of Residence (one of the following): dated within the last three months;

·       Utility Bill (Gas, Electric or Water)

·       Telephone bill (Mobile phone bills are not accepted)

·       Council Tax Bill (Current Year)

·       Bank/ Building Society Statement

·       TV License (Current Year)

·       HM Revenue and Customs Letter/Notice of Coding

·       Letter from Benefits Agency

·       Mortgage statement

·       Payslip

·       P45 or P60

·       Current benefit book or letter from the benefits agency

The Proof of Residential Address document must:

·       Be dated within the last three months

·       Except for documents such as the Council tax bill and TV license, we accept a document from the current year.

·       Show the account holder/company officer’s name and residential address

·       Be written in English or accompanied by an English translation (by an Official Sworn Translator)                                                                                Top of Form

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