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Non-Business Address Service Explained


What is A Non-Business Address?

Well, in simple words, a Non-Business Address as the name suggests is an official address that you may use in order to have your mail and parcels redirected to that is not your residential address. A lot of people prefer to use this address due to privacy and the professional image it creates. However, many people also prefer to choose a Non-Business Address if they currently have to share mail facilities, live abroad, need a secure address for their posts or as mentioned earlier want the privacy and exclusivity of their very own mailing address.

Non-Business Address Service

So, now that you are clearly aware of what is a non-business address, let’s give you a little insight into the service we provide. With this Non-Business Address service, you can opt to also choose the option of collecting your mail yourself. However, the correspondence must always be collected each week on a day that suits you best.

When the mail arrives, we make sure to scan it before sending it to you or forward the mail to another address that is not another virtual address.

You should be aware that if your mail arrives and is not collected within the week, it will proceed to be automatically scanned. However, unscannable items will be disposed of if not collected within 30 days of its arrival.


Now, if you’re ready to purchase a Non-Business Address,