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The Importance of Registered Office Address: Why You Need It


Why Do You Need A Registered Office Address?


The Registered Office address of a corporation is included in the public record, which is open to the general public. This promotes corporate transparency by making it simple to see where a company's headquarters are located. On the other hand, it does provide an address to which unsolicited advertisements could be sent.

When a company is created, the original Registered Office address is provided in form IN01, and in many situations, that location will remain the same for the duration of the company's existence. The company's Registered Office address may be changed by the directors at any time.

Requirements of Registered Office Address


The most important condition is that the registered office address be easily accessible for mail delivery. Someone will need to be accessible to sign for documents received at the Registered Office address if it is required.

The person physically receiving the documents does not have to be a company officer or employee, but the firm must receive official documents submitted to the Registered Office – even if they are forwarded on by a third-party mail delivery service, for example.