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Things You Should Know About The Person of Significant Control (PSC)


Meaning of a Person with Significant Control

So, you must be thinking that what is the definition of a person with significant control(PSC)? Well, this title is for an individual member of a company who owns a company or simply controls it. Sometimes PSC is also known as beneficial owners. As a PSC, all you need to do is meet all the necessary requirements. 


A business or company can have more than one person of significant control. Thus, the obligatory process to maintain a register for PSC first took place on 6th April 2016. After that, the PSC requirements are legally necessary for every UK-based private company, Societas Europaea(SEs), and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). 


The law requires them to maintain a statutory well-detailed register that contains all about the Person Of Significant Control (PSC). Just remember, excellent transparency is the main objective of the PSC register, this is because when any enforcement agency has well-maintained documentation, it will allow them to create an improved corporate trust. 


Additionally, such transparency will allow a company to better sanction individuals, prevent financial crises, and improve corporate practices. 

Significant Aspects You Should Confirm with PSC

While looking into the official documentation of different companies, you will see that some PSC might control or influence through different areas. This influence could be both direct and indirect. For instance, someone might control or influence the actions of the company’s stakeholders or directors. 


However, you must confirm and look over some important details with your PSC before you register them. Following are the details, 

·         Name

·         DoB (Date of Birth)

·         Residence of country and nationality

·         Home address or correspondence address/service address

·         Date of becoming a PSC in a company

·         PSC registration date

·         All natures of control that apply


Moreover, you also have to add the level of their voting rights and shares within the company under the following categories; 

·         over 25% up to (and including) 50%

·         more than 50% and less than 75%

·         75% or more

Final Thoughts

For no doubt, the legislation has confirmed that every limited partner or anyone with interest in corporate limited partners won’t be a part of the PSC register. Thus, there are still plenty of things that you should know about. So, don’t just come to any conclusion; ask from the best. You can connect with [email protected]; call us: 0207 781 8033. Our team of dedicated experts is on hand to help you.