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Understanding the Officer Service Address


Significance of Officer Service Address



Since 2009, office addresses have been increasingly popular as a way to hide a residential address off public records and provide better protection for the people who work from home.

The residential address submitted to Companies House can now be protected, and only the address submitted to Companies House will only be presented to individually approved sources, such as HM Revenue & Customs, the Police, and the NHS, and Credit Reporting Organizations.

In a nutshell, officer service address prevents critical company directors' addresses from being made public by Companies House and initially, it was used as a technique for company directors to hide their home address.

An ex-pat can continue to receive mail in their native country by using a service address. It is beneficial for ex-pats who have sold their property and no longer have a permanent residence address to ensure that post arrives after they have left their home country and is read by the recipient. This technique of seeing postings is faster than using other redirection services.

Importance of the Officer Service Address


When forming a limited business, you must specify a registered office address. All written communication must be submitted to this address. If you opt to have your mail handled by a third party, be sure the service includes sending all of your company's mail to your registered office address.

The following is the requirement of address:

·        A physical address in the United Kingdom in the same country as your company's registration; for example, a company registered in Scotland must have a Scottish registered office address.

·         If you don't want your address to be made public (for example, if it's your home or someone else lives there), you can do one of the following:

         i.         Use a different address, such as the address of the person who will be in charge of your Corporation Tax - you must first obtain their consent.

       ii.         Hire an agent who will provide you with an address to use





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