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What is A Confirmation Statement?


Furthermore, now instead of filling out your company information as you would with the yearly return, you will just need to 'check and confirm' your company information with the confirmation statement. If your company's data has not changed since incorporation or the last confirmation statement, you may simply verify and confirm the information on your next confirmation statement.

When Must a Confirmation Statement be filed?

The due date is generally 12 months after your company's establishment or the date you submitted your most recent annual return, and it must be filed at least once a year after that.

When your confirmation statement is due, Companies House will send you an email notice or a reminder letter to your company's registered office. You have up to 14 days beyond the due date to file your confirmation statement.

If your confirmation statement is late, Companies House may begin the process of striking your business from the register. A delayed confirmation statement is not subject to late penalty fees.

How to File a Confirmation Statement Form?

According to Companies House, the simplest approach to provide them the information is to fill out the confirmation statement form online.

If you need to update your company's information, you may do so in the web form's 'extra information' area. It may be used to update your:

·         Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code

·         statement of capital

·         trading status of shares

·         exemption from keeping a register of people with significant control

·         shareholder information

You may use the Companies House tool to see what information Companies House holds on your firm.

What’s the Confirmation Statement Fee?

Not only would filing the confirmation statement online save you time and money, but it will also save you money. It costs £13 to submit one during a 12-month period, and you won't have to pay again if you file another within that time period.

Filing a paper form, on the other hand, would set you back £40, so if you can, submit your confirmation statement online. It also comes with pre-populated data, making it faster and easier to complete.