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What is SAIL Address? Do You Need It?


SAIL Address Definition

A SAIL address is a single alternative inspection location where a registered business or LLP can maintain statutory records and make them publically accessible. A SAIL address isn't required, but a registered office address is, and the two don't have to be at the same location or area.

If you're intending to use a SAIL address, you'll need to inform Companies House of the address's information. You can't use a SAIL address until Companies House has been notified. In some respects, a SAIL address differs from the registered office address. The registered office is where any statutory mail, as well as legal notices from HMRC or other government offices, is delivered.

This address is included in the public company record and may be viewed by anybody. Unless a SAIL address is used, the registered address must also house all of the company's statutory records.

Any firm that is registered in the UK must have a SAIL address in the UK. It must also be located in the same part of the United Kingdom as the company - England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

How to Register SAIL Address


Companies House uses an online form to register a SAIL address and supply them with the necessary details. The form is known as AD02, and it should be accompanied with form AD03, which indicates that they are aware that the statutory records will be moved to a new location.

The firm's information, the address that will be used as the SAIL address and the information of the person signing the form on behalf of the firm will all be required on Form AD02. It can be sent or completed electronically using the Webfiling system at Companies House.




A SAIL address isn't necessary for a business to run successfully, but it may make the subject of public access to statutory documents much easier to understand, and it also allows a company to isolate everyday operations from this need. 



Blog was written by Ibrahim for Future Formations Ltd  2021